Heroin Addiction Treatment Should Be Made Easily Available

It's safe to say that most everyone knows that heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. It has ripped apart many a city, and it has taken over whole neighborhoods. Heroin has been cheapened, and it's become even more dangerous over time. It's slang term is dog food, and I can tell you that everywhere I've lived, heroin has a hold of many people. It's real bad here on the beach because it just seems to be that many people get into drugs when they live near the beach.

Not everyone does, but it's just different than I thought. I totally understand what happens many times though, and I've had a good front row seat to some of the things that go on when it comes to people with heavy addictions. I was just writing about my friend who has an opiate addiction earlier. He switched from prescription pills, opiates, to heroin. He has told me all about the people that are into heroin around here. Plus, you see it sometimes when you're walking around.

It's so crazy to see thousands of tourists, families, on vacation on the boulevard, only to know that the drugs are only one street away. People are constantly walking up to the boulevard getting into business with drugs and begging for money or cigarettes. I'm painting only the bad side at the moment, but I'm just saying it's a real problem. Heroin is a real problem here. My friend that I was just talking about snorted his heroin in front of me the other day.

I didn't even know he had it or was going to do it, and we were in a heavy conversation. He just pulled it out, put it in a line inside a paper and snorted it right in front of me. Some people smoke heroin, and others shoot it up. I'll find needles every once in awhile when I'm just walking around. Heroin has become so cheap to get that it's just grabbing more and more people. Not only are they hooked, but it's almost physically impossible for them to overcome the battle of addiction themselves.

Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful, and patients need medical attention during this time. Heroin addiction treatment is not one of those things where it's just recommended. It's something that is absolutely necessary, and so that holds people off from making that change. In the case of my friend, he doesn't have insurance and doesn't feel like he could go into rehab if you ask me. He also has a young son he doesn't want to leave behind for now.

Each dose of heroin can be the last, one way or the other. Either you stop doing heroin, or it can stop you from living. Overdoses happen all the time, and people don't think it could be them. Dog food is dangerous, and its taking over the streets and people's lives. What's happening is very sad, and heroin addiction treatment is what they need to get them medically off the drug and past the withdrawal symptoms into recovery.

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